Basic Rules How to Play Poker

Poker has broad-based itself into several variants, and presented below are the rules of each of these variants.

Draw Poker: Here, each player is dealt one hand of cards and all players are allowed to exchange any of their original cards for any other. Games may allow one draw or a maximum of three. Draw poker is the traditional version of this game and has a large base of committed players.
Stud Poker: Each player in this game is dealt a hand of cards. The aim of the game is to find the player with the best hand and declare him as the winner. After the cards are dealt, there is one round betting, which could increase to three to five rounds, depending on the way the game is organized.

Community Poker: Today, this variant of poker is the most popular all over the world for their fast-pace and the fact that they attract large pots. In this game, each player is given hole cards which he must use with community cards that are placed face up on the poker table. Popular community poker games played in casinos like Winner Poker are Omaha poker and Texas Hold’em.

Wild Card Games: These variants of poker spice up ordinary games and add a wild card to them. This allows for an increased pot and fun-filled game sessions.

Objective of Poker: The objective of poker is to win the pot, which comprises collecting the money, chips and any other bets the players make during one hand of this game.

How to play Poker: The card game, poker, is usually played in casinos such as Bovada by a minimum of two players and a maximum of 10. There are several variations of the game, such as Stud Poker, Draw Poker and Community Card Poker. Of these, the most commonly played is Draw Poker. Before you begin play, you need to understand the terminology associated with this game, such as aggressive play, conservative play, bluff, tell and action. Now, remember to put the token bet in the pot. This could be anything ranging from some cents to several dollars. Fix the amount you want to go with before you start play.

The dealer deals five cards, face down, to all the players present at the table, beginning with those on his left and moving on to the right. Each player is given one card in the first round, one more in the second round and so on. Now, place the rest of the deck of cards in the middle of the table.

Now, pick up the cards distributed and place your bet. The first player to place his bet is the one on the left of the dealer. The second player to place his bet would be the first player on the left of the first player and this continues until all the players have placed their bets.

Now, you can choose the type of betting you want—either ‘see,’ ‘raise’ or ‘fold.’

  • See: With this option, the player must match the bet of the former player.
  • Raise: Here, players raise the bet amount.
  • Fold: With this option, you don’t bet on poor cards but pack up.

Now, you can start betting if no other player has bet. If you want to get rid of any cards, do it now and pick up a maximum of three cards from the deck that you need. Place your cards face down and bet for the coming round. When the round ends, each player shows his cards. The player who has the highest hand wins and takes the pot.